Cathay Pacific Airways Limited Latest News FAQs for Travel Agents For Passengers traveling on Cathay Pacific Airways & Cathay Dragon

FAQs for Travel Agents For Passengers traveling on Cathay Pacific Airways & Cathay Dragon

1. Where can I find updates on Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon Travel waiver policy?


2. Where can I find latest CX/KA operations affected by the Coronavirus? 

3. What are the travel arrangements being made on journeys affected by Cathay and Cathay Dragon flight cancellations?


1. How will I know if my client is protected or offered alternative flights?
Just like any other schedule changes, you will receive notifications via SSR messages.
2. Which special ticketing guidelines should I refer to when it comes to flight schedule change or cancellations?
If your client’s flights are cancelled, handle as usual flight cancellations, you do not need to refer to special ticketing guidelines. No waiver code is required to reissue ticket due to flight schedule change or cancellations.
3. What if the alternative flights is not acceptable?

If the protection offered is not acceptable please contact Cathay Pacific Airways North America Global Call Centre for alternative option.
USA: 1-800-848-5008
CANADA 1-800-833-6168
4. Can I rebook my client onto a different booking class than original booking class?
If rebooking is due to a flight cancellation, yes you can rebook onto a different booking class within the same cabin.
5. My clients CRK-HKG flight was cancelled and there is no alternative flight offered can I put her on another carrier?
We are unable to endorse passenger to another carrier. Travel agent may rebook/reroute/refund per the special ticketing guidelines.

1. Is there a code I can use to refund totally unused tickets that are cause by involuntary flight cancellations or schedule changes?
If you have receive notification that the flight has been cancelled or changed and passenger wants to make a refund please input waiver code TAM2020 in endorsement box. (Please note this waiver code do not apply for rebooking and rerouting request).
2. Is there a code I can use to refund totally unused or partial used tickets if permitted under the special ticketing guidelines (COMP)?
Please refer to our special ticketing guidelines in the link below, under Endorsement there is a waiver code that begins with COMP, please input the appropriate waiver code beginning with COMP in the endorsement box.
3. How do I compute a partial refund?
For partial refund calculation under current situation, please refund the un-used ticket coupons base on the calculation example below:
Below example applies to ticket with same booking class only.

  • Refund the un-used portion base on Ticketed Point Mileage (TPM) proportion.
    e.g. SIN-HKG-NRT-HKG-SIN at SGD 3146 (Published fares equal gross fares/ Market fares equal net fares)
  • TPM on SIN-HKG = 1594 (system entry: FQMSINHKG)
  • TPM on HKG-NRT =1823 (system entry: FQMHKGNRT)
  • TPM on NRT-HKG =1823 (system entry: FQMNRTHKG)
  • TPM on HKG-SIN = 1594 (system entry: FQMHKGSIN) Total TPM = 6834

Un-used ticket coupons = HKG-NRT-HKG Refund = SGD 3146 x (3646/6834) = SGD 1678 (Un-used tax and surcharges can be refunded)
4. Where can I get assistance to calculate refunds?
For ticket refund calculation assistance, please email your request to the following:

5. Where can I find information on seat reservation refunds?
For prepaid seat reservation refund, please visit our “Reserve Your Seat” page to find out more details on refund:

6. Can you change coupon status from “exchanged” to open?
We are unable to change the coupon status once exchanged.