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Free Wi-fi to First Class Passengers


From November Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon are offering its’ first class passengers free Wi-Fi access. Testing is complete and live to passengers. The free offering is available on all first class Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon aircraft equipped with Wi-Fi. These aircraft operate with Gogo connectivity.
Each passenger can redeem their access inflight by going to and selecting the Free for First Class Wi-Fi pass. The passengers are then prompted to enter the name and seat number for validation as it appears on their boarding pass. The pass grants the passenger free Wi-Fi for the entire flight and they can switch between devices. The free pass will only show on first class aircraft.

Passenger Experience on the Wi-Fi Portal 

Passengers can access the inflight Wi-Fi portal by following these steps: 

  1. Turn on Wi-Fi on your device 

  2. Connect to the ‘Cathay Pacific’ Wi-Fi signal 

  3. Launch a web browser 

  4. Enter the address 

  5. Select the Free Pass for First Class Passengers and enter your name and seat number 

The free pass is the equivalent of the full flight pass.
The free pass option will only appear on aircraft with a first class cabin.

Updated Design (to launch in Jan 2020):

After a passenger enters their seat number and name the system will verify it matches the passenger manifest. If the passenger is seeing an error please ensure they are entering their name and seat number as it appears on their boarding pass.
To change device passengers reenter their name and seat number on the second device. They will then be logged out of the first device as they cannot be used concurrently.

Confirmation Page:

Passenger Help and Support

Passengers have a number of ways to get help inflight and on the ground.
Inflight if Wi-Fi is functioning then passengers can contact Gogo directly using the Live Chat function found in the menu:

On ground passengers can contact Gogo for support via the following channels:

If Passengers are having difficulties connecting please ensure:

  • They are connected to the “Cathay Pacific” network
  • They are not in a zone that doesn’t have coverage e.g. Northern Polar Region
  • They are not trying to connect to a secure website (https), if so direct them to the portal URL:

Passengers can find all help contacts for both Panasonic and Gogo under the ‘Using electronic devices’ page on


  1. What aircraft offer free Wi-Fi for first class passengers?
    All Cathay Pacific B777 and Cathay Dragon A330 aircraft with First Class cabins.
  2. How do they access the free offer?
    A passenger may redeem their free Wi-Fi pass by going to, selecting the ‘First Class’ pass and entering the name and seat number.
  3. When is Wi-Fi available?Wi-Fi will be available shortly after take-off. Crew can see if connectivity is operational on the Health App. Note there are outage zones due to lack of coverage or government regulations including India, Northern Polar Region and South Indian Ocean.
  4. My name entry isn’t working?Ensure the name and seat number matches your boarding pass (even if you have moved seat). The name should be entered in English.
    If an issue persists contact the live customer care agent inflight on the portal.
  5. Do any Panasonic aircraft have free Wi-Fi?No as Panasonic connectivity is equipped on A350-900 and A350-1000 fleets both of which do not have first class cabins. The free offer will not be displayed.
  6. Can you switch between devices?
    Yes, customers can log onto a different device by entering their details again. However devices cannot be connected concurrently so they will be logged out of the first device when using a second.
  7. If a customer cannot access their free Wi-Fi how can crew help them inflight?
    If connectivity is working but passengers can’t redeem their free Wi-Fi the crew may direct the passengers to the live chat help function at The live agents can help validate and grant them access to free Wi-Fi using a code or asking them to purchase and issuing a refund inflight.