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Cathay Pacific temporarily closes three Hong Kong airport lounges

Cathay Pacific announced that it will be temporarily closing three of its lounges at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), namely The Bridge, The Deck and The Pier First Class Lounge, from 17 February 2020 until further notice. This follows the 30% short-term capacity reduction across the network of Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon.

Customers are advised to visit our other lounges at HKIA – The Wing First Class and Business Class Lounges, and The Pier Business Class Lounge.

In addition, to further enhance our health and safety protocols at our lounges at HKIA, Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Beijing Capital International Airport, we will be modifying the buffet to individually packed food options supplemented by the provision of made-to-order hot food from the Noodle Bar.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused to our customers and appreciate their understanding.

Frequency Changes (as of 6 Feb 2020)

Dear Valued Partner,
In view of the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, and the subsequent drop in market demand, we have reduced approximately 90% of Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon flights into Mainland China. There will also be significant short-term reductions – approximately 30% of our capacity – across our network over the next eight weeks.
Below please find Cathay Pacific’s and Cathay Dragon’s planned frequency changes by route. Please note that these changes are subject to ongoing review and may be adjusted as the current situation continues to develop.
For more details regarding capacity reduction and alternative arrangements for passengers, please visit our website.
Note: FPW – Flights Per Week


Route Original Feb (FPW) Original Mar (FPW) Revised Feb (FPW) Revised Mar (FPW) Effective Date
AMS 7 7 7 6 Mar 2020
BCN 4 4 4 3 2 Mar 2020
BRU 4 4 4 3 1 Mar 2020
CDG 7 7 7 5 2 Mar 2020
FCO 4 4 0 0 1 Feb 2020
FRA 7 7 7 5 Mar 2020
LGW 7 7 0 0 17 Feb 2020
LHR 35 35 34 32 9 Feb 2020
MAD 4 4 4 2 1 Mar 2020
MAN 7 7 7 4 4 Mar 2020
MXP 7 7 0 3 1 Feb 2020
TLV 7 7 7 4 4 Mar 2020
ZRH 7 7 7 6 10 Mar 2020


Mainland China

Route Original Feb (FPW) Original Mar (FPW) Revised Feb (FPW) Revised Mar (FPW) Effective Date
Cathay Pacific          
PEK 21 21 0 0 9 Feb 2020
PVG 21 21 0 0 9 Feb 2020
Cathay Dragon          
CAN 14 14 0 0 9 Feb 2020
CGO 7 7 0 0 9 Feb 2020
CKG 7 7 0 0 9 Feb 2020
CSX 7 7 0 0 9 Feb 2020
CTU 14 14 4 4 9 Feb 2020
FOC 14 14 0 0 9 Feb 2020
HAK 7 7 0 0 9 Feb 2020
HGH 28 28 0 0 9 Feb 2020
KMG 7 7 0 0 9 Feb 2020
KWL 4 4 0 0 9 Feb 2020
NGB 14 14 0 0 9 Feb 2020
NKG 14 14 0 0 9 Feb 2020
NNG 4 4 0 0 9 Feb 2020
PEK 42 42 14 14 9 Feb 2020
PVG 70 70 7 7 9 Feb 2020
SHA 9 9 7 7 9 Feb 2020
SYX 5 5 0 0 9 Feb 2020
TAO 7 7 0 0 9 Feb 2020
TNA 4 4 0 0 9 Feb 2020
WNZ 9 9 0 0 9 Feb 2020
WUH 11 11 0 0 9 Feb 2020
XIY 7 7 0 0 9 Feb 2020
XMN 21 21 7 7 9 Feb 2020


Northeast Asia

Route Original Feb (FPW) Original Mar (FPW) Revised Feb (FPW) Revised Mar (FPW) Effective Date
Cathay Pacific          
CTS 14 7 14 7  
HND 14 14 14 14  
ICN 28 28 21 21 17 Feb 2020
KIX 28 28 21 21 17 Feb 2020
NGO 14 14 7 7 17 Feb 2020
NRT 35 35 24 24 16 Feb 2020
TPE 79 79 4 4 13 Feb 2020
TPEICN 7 7 0 0 13 Feb 2020
TPEKIX 7 7 7 7 13 Feb 2020
TPENGO 7 7 0 0 13 Feb 2020
TPENRT 7 7 7 7  
Cathay Dragon          
CJU 2 2 0 0 9 Feb 2020
FUK 12 12 7 7 19 Feb 2020
KHH 49 49 0 3 13 Feb 2020
KIJ 2 2 2 2  
OKA 4 4 4 4  
PUS 7 7 5 5 17 Feb 2020
RMQ 7 7 0 0 13 Feb 2020
TKS 2 2 2 2
TPE 14 14 0 0 13 Feb 2020


South Asia

Route Original Feb (FPW) Original Mar (FPW) Revised Feb (FPW) Revised Mar (FPW) Effective Date
Cathay Pacific          
BOM 10 10 7 7 17 Feb 2020
CMB 5 5 3 3 10 Feb 2020
DEL 14 14 14 10 1 Mar 2020
HYD 5 5 4 4 10 Feb 2020
MAA 7 7 5 5 10 Feb 2020
MLE 4 4 4 0 1 Mar 2020
Cathay Dragon          
BLR 7 7 5 5 9 Feb 2020
CCU 6 6 5 5 9 Feb 2020
DAC 5 5 4 4 9 Feb 2020
KTM 5 5 5 5  


South East Asia

Route Original Feb (FPW) Original Mar (FPW) Revised Feb (FPW) Revised Mar (FPW) Effective Date
Cathay Pacific          
BKK 49 49 28 28 10 Feb 2020
BKKSIN 14 14 14 14  
CEB 14 14 7 7 10 Feb 2020
CGK 26 26 14 14 11 Feb 2020
DPS 7 7 7 7  
MNL 49 49 14 14 10 Feb 2020
SGN 19 19 15 15 10 Feb 2020
SIN 49 49 21 21 10 Feb 2020
SUB 7 7 4 4 10 Feb 2020
Cathay Dragon          
CNX 7 7 4 4 9 Feb 2020
CRK 6 6 0 0 10 Feb 2020
DAD 7 7 4 4 9 Feb 2020
DVO 4 4 0 0 11 Feb 2020
HAN 14 14 7 7 9 Feb 2020
HKT 14 14 7 7 9 Feb 2020
KUL 28 28 21 21 9 Feb 2020
PEN 14 14 7 7 9 Feb 2020
PNH 14 14 7 7 9 Feb 2020
REP 7 7 5 5 9 Feb 2020
RGN 11 11 7 7 9 Feb 2020


Middle East

Route Original Feb (FPW) Original Mar (FPW) Revised Feb (FPW) Revised Mar (FPW) Effective Date
DXB 7 7 0 0 10 Feb 2020
DXBBAH 7 7 7 7  


North America

Route Original Feb (FPW) Original Mar (FPW) Revised Feb (FPW) Revised Mar (FPW) Effective Date
BOS 7 7 5 5 10 Feb 2020
EWR 7 7 0 0 10 Feb 2020
IAD 4 4 0 0 14 Feb 2020
JFK 11 11 14 14 19 Feb 2020
JFKYVR 14 14 0 0 19 Feb 2020
LAX 21 21 14 14 18 Feb 2020
ORD 7 7 5 5 17 Feb 2020
SEA 5 5 5 5  
SFO 21 21 14 14 18 Feb 2020
YVR 7 7 14 10 19 Feb 2020
YYZ 10 10 10 7 11 Mar 2020


South Africa

Route Original Feb (FPW) Original Mar (FPW) Revised Feb (FPW) Revised Mar (FPW) Effective Date
CPT 3 0 0 0 17 Feb 2020
JNB 7 7 7 5 2 Mar 2020


South West Pacific

Route Original Feb (FPW) Original Mar (FPW) Revised Feb (FPW) Revised Mar (FPW) Effective Date
ADL 6 4 6 2 4 Feb 2020
AKL 14 7 14 5 1 Mar 2020
BNE 11 11 11 7 5 Mar 2020
CHC 4 0 4 0  
MEL 21 21 21 14 1 Mar 2020
PER 10 10 10 5 1 Mar 2020
SYD 28 28 28 18 3 Mar 2020

We will continue to provide flight updates when available. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager.

Yours Sincerely,
The Americas Commercial Sales Team

FAQs for Travel Agents For Passengers traveling on Cathay Pacific Airways & Cathay Dragon

1. Where can I find updates on Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon Travel waiver policy?


2. Where can I find latest CX/KA operations affected by the Coronavirus? 

3. What are the travel arrangements being made on journeys affected by Cathay and Cathay Dragon flight cancellations?


1. How will I know if my client is protected or offered alternative flights?
Just like any other schedule changes, you will receive notifications via SSR messages.
2. Which special ticketing guidelines should I refer to when it comes to flight schedule change or cancellations?
If your client’s flights are cancelled, handle as usual flight cancellations, you do not need to refer to special ticketing guidelines. No waiver code is required to reissue ticket due to flight schedule change or cancellations.
3. What if the alternative flights is not acceptable?

If the protection offered is not acceptable please contact Cathay Pacific Airways North America Global Call Centre for alternative option.
USA: 1-800-848-5008
CANADA 1-800-833-6168
4. Can I rebook my client onto a different booking class than original booking class?
If rebooking is due to a flight cancellation, yes you can rebook onto a different booking class within the same cabin.
5. My clients CRK-HKG flight was cancelled and there is no alternative flight offered can I put her on another carrier?
We are unable to endorse passenger to another carrier. Travel agent may rebook/reroute/refund per the special ticketing guidelines.

1. Is there a code I can use to refund totally unused tickets that are cause by involuntary flight cancellations or schedule changes?
If you have receive notification that the flight has been cancelled or changed and passenger wants to make a refund please input waiver code TAM2020 in endorsement box. (Please note this waiver code do not apply for rebooking and rerouting request).
2. Is there a code I can use to refund totally unused or partial used tickets if permitted under the special ticketing guidelines (COMP)?
Please refer to our special ticketing guidelines in the link below, under Endorsement there is a waiver code that begins with COMP, please input the appropriate waiver code beginning with COMP in the endorsement box.
3. How do I compute a partial refund?
For partial refund calculation under current situation, please refund the un-used ticket coupons base on the calculation example below:
Below example applies to ticket with same booking class only.

  • Refund the un-used portion base on Ticketed Point Mileage (TPM) proportion.
    e.g. SIN-HKG-NRT-HKG-SIN at SGD 3146 (Published fares equal gross fares/ Market fares equal net fares)
  • TPM on SIN-HKG = 1594 (system entry: FQMSINHKG)
  • TPM on HKG-NRT =1823 (system entry: FQMHKGNRT)
  • TPM on NRT-HKG =1823 (system entry: FQMNRTHKG)
  • TPM on HKG-SIN = 1594 (system entry: FQMHKGSIN) Total TPM = 6834

Un-used ticket coupons = HKG-NRT-HKG Refund = SGD 3146 x (3646/6834) = SGD 1678 (Un-used tax and surcharges can be refunded)
4. Where can I get assistance to calculate refunds?
For ticket refund calculation assistance, please email your request to the following:

5. Where can I find information on seat reservation refunds?
For prepaid seat reservation refund, please visit our “Reserve Your Seat” page to find out more details on refund:

6. Can you change coupon status from “exchanged” to open?
We are unable to change the coupon status once exchanged.

Schedule Reducation

To all our partners and friends,

During challenging times, we rely on our longstanding partnerships, so let me start by saying thank you for your unwavering support.

The last few weeks have seen many challenges and disruptions to travel in Hong Kong due to the coronavirus. While the situation remains dynamic, we are doing our utmost to adapt to the almost daily updates by various governments and government agencies on travel restrictions and waivers and in turn, provide you with the information that you need.

A reduction and suspension of some flights is inevitable during this time; however, Cathay Pacific is agile and ready to scale our operations up or down to meet demand. The Americas region is integral to our airline, so any such reductions will be temporary. Globally, Cathay Pacific is reducing its overall capacity by 30% in the coming months, and this will include a temporary suspension of EWR and IAD from approximately February 9th until March 28th, as well as terminating the JFK-YVR tag services earlier than planned (February 19th). If there is further impact to North American flights over the upcoming weeks and months, we will keep you updated with the latest schedules and announcements.

During times like this, there are vast amounts of information as well as rumor and speculation. With this in mind, I would like to share the following resources with you, which provide accurate and timely information:

  • For the latest on travel restrictions and waivers, visit (click “Travel Alerts” at the top of the page)
  • The News Hub also contains our latest press releases

Suggested external resources:

Having experienced SARS in 2003, Hong Kong has been quick to respond to coronavirus transparently, proactively and decisively. The government’s top priority is to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus within Hong Kong and to protect public health.
Hong Kong and Cathay Pacific have a long history of resiliency.
Thank you again for your partnership as we navigate this challenge. This will pass and together, we will be ready for the rebound.

Best regards,
Philippe Lacamp
Senior Vice-President, Americas

Special Ticketing Guideline for MNL Airport closure due to volcano eruption

In view of MNL Airport closure due to volcano eruption, with immediate effect, rebooking and rerouting charges will be waived for all tickets issued worldwide (irrespective of fare type) on/before 12Jan20 for travel with CX/KA confirmed booking arriving to or departing from MNL on 12-14Jan20.

Details as follows:

1. CX/KA ticket stock

a. Cancellation and Refund
No waiver on cancellation, and refund charges.

b. Rebooking/ Rerouting
Rebooking/ rerouting charges will be waived on conditions that
– Such requests are made on/before 14Jan20 and before departure, for travel with CX/KA confirmed booking arriving to or departing from MNL on 12-14Jan20.
– No-show passenger is not eligible for the waiver.
– Revised (NEW) travel date must be on/before 12Feb20 and subject to flight availability.

In which case, the ticket expiry date will be adjusted accordingly
– The newly rebooked sector must observe and conform to the conditions of the respective fare rule, e.g. blackout dates, flight application, weekend/weekday travel, stopover charges and applicable seasonalities by collecting additional/refunding difference (if any) as appropriate.
– Reissuance charges will only be waived due to the expiry of the original ticket.
– Rerouting to/from/via CX/KA online (marketing) ports.
And subject to flight availability and fare/ tax difference.

c. Endorsement
– Condition of the respective fare rules applies.
– Please include waiver code: COMP002 in the END BOX.

d. Group Tickets
Please refers to local sales office

2. Redemption Tickets
Please refer to the related special guidelines under travel advisories or Asia Miles latest news section or contact the Marco Polo Club at 855-781-7104 (USA) / 855-214-5935 (Canada)/ Asia Miles Service Centre 866-892-2598 (USA) / 877-631-6283 (Canada)

Free Wi-fi to First Class Passengers


From November Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon are offering its’ first class passengers free Wi-Fi access. Testing is complete and live to passengers. The free offering is available on all first class Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon aircraft equipped with Wi-Fi. These aircraft operate with Gogo connectivity.
Each passenger can redeem their access inflight by going to and selecting the Free for First Class Wi-Fi pass. The passengers are then prompted to enter the name and seat number for validation as it appears on their boarding pass. The pass grants the passenger free Wi-Fi for the entire flight and they can switch between devices. The free pass will only show on first class aircraft.

Passenger Experience on the Wi-Fi Portal 

Passengers can access the inflight Wi-Fi portal by following these steps: 

  1. Turn on Wi-Fi on your device 

  2. Connect to the ‘Cathay Pacific’ Wi-Fi signal 

  3. Launch a web browser 

  4. Enter the address 

  5. Select the Free Pass for First Class Passengers and enter your name and seat number 

The free pass is the equivalent of the full flight pass.
The free pass option will only appear on aircraft with a first class cabin.

Updated Design (to launch in Jan 2020):

After a passenger enters their seat number and name the system will verify it matches the passenger manifest. If the passenger is seeing an error please ensure they are entering their name and seat number as it appears on their boarding pass.
To change device passengers reenter their name and seat number on the second device. They will then be logged out of the first device as they cannot be used concurrently.

Confirmation Page:

Passenger Help and Support

Passengers have a number of ways to get help inflight and on the ground.
Inflight if Wi-Fi is functioning then passengers can contact Gogo directly using the Live Chat function found in the menu:

On ground passengers can contact Gogo for support via the following channels:

If Passengers are having difficulties connecting please ensure:

  • They are connected to the “Cathay Pacific” network
  • They are not in a zone that doesn’t have coverage e.g. Northern Polar Region
  • They are not trying to connect to a secure website (https), if so direct them to the portal URL:

Passengers can find all help contacts for both Panasonic and Gogo under the ‘Using electronic devices’ page on


  1. What aircraft offer free Wi-Fi for first class passengers?
    All Cathay Pacific B777 and Cathay Dragon A330 aircraft with First Class cabins.
  2. How do they access the free offer?
    A passenger may redeem their free Wi-Fi pass by going to, selecting the ‘First Class’ pass and entering the name and seat number.
  3. When is Wi-Fi available?Wi-Fi will be available shortly after take-off. Crew can see if connectivity is operational on the Health App. Note there are outage zones due to lack of coverage or government regulations including India, Northern Polar Region and South Indian Ocean.
  4. My name entry isn’t working?Ensure the name and seat number matches your boarding pass (even if you have moved seat). The name should be entered in English.
    If an issue persists contact the live customer care agent inflight on the portal.
  5. Do any Panasonic aircraft have free Wi-Fi?No as Panasonic connectivity is equipped on A350-900 and A350-1000 fleets both of which do not have first class cabins. The free offer will not be displayed.
  6. Can you switch between devices?
    Yes, customers can log onto a different device by entering their details again. However devices cannot be connected concurrently so they will be logged out of the first device when using a second.
  7. If a customer cannot access their free Wi-Fi how can crew help them inflight?
    If connectivity is working but passengers can’t redeem their free Wi-Fi the crew may direct the passengers to the live chat help function at The live agents can help validate and grant them access to free Wi-Fi using a code or asking them to purchase and issuing a refund inflight.


The Cathay Pacific Group today released combined Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon traffic figures for November 2019 that show decreases in the number of passengers carried and the amount of cargo and mail uplifted compared to the same month in 2018.

Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon carried a total of 2,623,764 passengers last month – a drop of 9.0% compared to November 2018. Passenger load factor decreased by 3.2 percentage points to 80.1%, while capacity, measured in available seat kilometres (ASKs), decreased by 1.5%. In the first 11 months of 2019, the number of passengers carried dropped by 0.4% and capacity increased by 5.7%, as compared to the same period for 2018.

The two airlines carried 177,964 tonnes of cargo and mail last month, a drop of 3.9% compared to the same month last year. The cargo and mail load factor fell by 1.5 percentage points to 68.6%. Capacity, measured in available freight tonne kilometres (AFTKs), was down by 3.8% while cargo and mail revenue freight tonne kilometres (RFTKs) dropped by 5.8%. In the first 11 months of 2019, the tonnage fell by 6.4% against no change in capacity and a 6.8% decrease in RFTKs, as compared to the same period for 2018.

Cathay Pacific Group Chief Customer and Commercial Officer Ronald Lam said: “As with the past few months, November continued to be very challenging for both Cathay Pacific and Hong Kong, with sentiment for travel still weak. In November, our inbound Hong Kong traffic dropped 46% compared to the same period in 2018 – a further slowdown from the 35% drop seen in October. Outbound Hong Kong traffic, meanwhile, was down 8% against the same time last year – a slight improvement over previous months. Overall, passenger load factor dropped 3.2 percentage points to 80.1%. Our increasing reliance on transit Hong Kong traffic, which has been less impacted, together with intense competition has meant overall yield remained under significant pressure.

“Our regional routes, in particular mainland China and Northeast Asia, continue to experience weak demand for travel into Hong Kong. Travel sentiment was also soft on routes to and from the US before Thanksgiving week – traditionally a very strong period for premium class travel. There were a few bright spots in our network, such as our India routes, which remained robust and generated good demand between India and North America. Traffic between Europe and the Southwest Pacific – an important transit passenger stream for our network – also remained healthy.

“Looking forward, we continue to see a significant shortfall in inbound Hong Kong advance bookings, particularly from mainland China and other regional markets, as compared to the same snapshot last year. This shortfall has been partially offset by the improvement of transit passenger traffic.

“As for our cargo business, both load factor and yield further improved against the previous month in November, which is traditionally a peak month of the year. Exports from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan remained robust. As demand from traditional retail and new product releases tailed off towards the latter half of the month, strong e-commerce traffic surged around the Singles’ Day shopping holiday in mainland China as well as Black Friday, to which we successfully catered with additional charter requests to Southeast Asia.

“While our cargo performance this year remains significantly below the record levels seen in 2018, we are cautiously optimistic about 2020 despite anticipating a weak first half. In our continual efforts to drive the competitiveness of the Hong Kong cargo hub, we were pleased to have announced the introduction of a new Terminal Charge concession for export shipments from Hong Kong, which will take effect from 1 April 2020 and make Cathay Pacific and Hong Kong an even more compelling choice for our cargo customers.

“Overall, our expectation is that the rest of 2019 will remain incredibly challenging and we continue to expect our second-half financial results to be significantly below those of our first half. As a business we continue to closely monitor market sentiment and global travel trends, remaining agile in our operations and ensuring our passenger and cargo capacity is best aligned with demand. In light of the immediate commercial challenges we are facing, we have reluctantly made the decision to reduce our seat capacity in 2020 by 1.4% year-on-year as opposed to our original plan of 3.1% growth, meaning that for the first time in a long while our airlines will reduce in size.

“Nevertheless, we remain committed to our customers and our service offering, and will continue to invest in our customer experience proposition, which already this year has seen the launch of new soft products and dining services in our First and Business Class cabins, a greatly expanded in-flight entertainment experience, creative new collaborative menus in our Economy Class cabins, a revamp of our Shanghai Pudong Lounge and the return of our popular Betsy Beer, among other things. All these investments are designed to ensure our customers have more reasons to choose to fly with Cathay Pacific.”

NOV 2019 % Change
NOV 2019
% Change
PRK (000)        
Mainland China 529,688 -26.2 7,676,710 -9.8%
North East Asia 1,202,937 -9.0 14,811,052 0.4%
South East Asia 1,423,413 -4.7% 15,816,690 0.1%
South Asia, Middle East & Africa 892,478 4.8% 9,493,663 6.7%
South West Pacific 1,208,388 -2.3% 14,326,130 4.4%
North America 2,630,637 -7.4% 32,982,815 3.5%
Europe 2,047,448 1.3% 27,568,017 8.6%
RPK Total (000) 9,934,989 -5.3% 122,675,077 3.2%
Passengers carried 2,623,764 -9.0% 32,238,301 -0.4%
RFTK Total (000) 998,641 -5.8% 10,331,553 -6.8%
Cargo and mail carried (000Kg) 177,964 -3.9% 1,843,985 -6.4%
Number of flights 6,227 -5.8% 74,532 -0.1%

NOV 2019 % Change
NOV 2019
% Change
ASK (000)        
Mainland China 851,846 -12.8% 10,483,083 -3.5%
North East Asia 1,533,536 -1.3% 18,868,583 5.3%
South East Asia 1,751,468 0.3% 19,551,433 2.6%
South Asia, Middle East & Africa 1,121,251 6.6% 11,605,310 7.2%
South West Pacific 1,464,751 1.4% 16,872,347 1.6%
North America 3,160,764 -4.8% 40,041,711 9.0%
Europe 2,525,958 1.1% 32,026,133 9.1%
ASK Total (000) 12,409,574 -1.5% 149,448,600 5.7%
Passenger load factor 80.1% -3.2% 82.1% -2.0%
AFTK Total (000) 1,455,051 -3.8% 16,081,810 0.0%
Cargo and mail load factor 68.6% -1.5% 64.2% -4.7%
ATK (000) 2,634,740 -2.8% 30,289,581 2.6%

A Sense of Harmony

Enjoy a more bespoke, sensory journey with 
Cathay Pacific’s enhanced First and Business Class offering

Cathay Pacific is indulging passengers with an elevated premium travel experience. An array of thoughtfully chosen enhancements to the service, soft products and culinary offerings are rolling out on board its First and Business Class cabins. These enrichments are designed to offer passengers a more holistic, sensory experience that begins from the moment they begin their journey.

Premium passengers can now enjoy a new, more bespoke First Class customer journey centred on enjoying inspired flavours, calming fragrances and refined textures whenever they travel. Exquisite bedding and amenities along with wellness options and tableware have all been elevated with new and enhanced offerings.

Meanwhile, Business Class travellers can bask in an enriched sleep proposition that includes newly introduced and greatly enhanced bedding and slippers, ensuring passengers arrive at their destinations refreshed and ready for what awaits them.

At the heart of Cathay Pacific’s elevated premium experience is a new collaboration with Bamford. The luxury UK lifestyle brand, renowned for its ethical and sustainable principles, has designed a range of exclusive amenities, travel kits and plush bedding for the airline’s travellers in both cabins that are certain to delight the senses.

Cathay Pacific General Manager Customer Experience and Design Vivian Lo said: “We are incredibly excited to be unveiling many wonderful enhancements in our First and Business Class cabins, and to have Bamford, a renowned leader in sustainable luxury, as the cornerstone of our premium inflight experience.

“Earlier this year, we launched our new brand direction ‘Move Beyond’ with the goal of continuously exceeding our customers’ expectations at every stage of their journey. These enrichments to the products and service in our premium cabins are a resounding expression of that commitment and of our belief that every journey is our customers’ most important one. All of these enhancements have been made with our customers in mind by listening to their feedback and ultimately giving them more reasons to fly with us.”

The epitome of sophistication and comfort, the elevated Cathay Pacific First Class begins as soon as passengers enter the cabin with a new service moment in the form of a welcome reception tray. This includes a personalised welcome note along with a hot towel and a glass of refreshing sparkling jasmine silver needle tea from another of our partners, JING.

Wellness also extends to the menus, which now feature it as a core pillar of the First Class dining experience along with brand new recipes. These range from lighter options for the main and breakfast meals to healthy alternatives such as superfood bowls and lighter protein side dishes. Teas from JING as well as cold pressed juices from Bless that feature metabolism-stimulating ingredients are also offered before breakfast to help passengers wake up refreshed.

All these dining enhancements are served on a new suite of contemporary tableware from renowned brands across the globe, including chinaware from Noritake, cutlery from Robert Welch and full-size wine glasses from Riedel.

Customers can also enjoy refreshed amenities and bedding from our key partner Bamford. Added to the First Class Experience are a cosy 600-thread-count, 100 percent sustainably sourced cotton mattress and duvet, a soft full-size pillow, and branded male and female amenity kits featuring natural skincare products presented in glass bottles. The brand’s products also feature in the onboard washrooms and at select lounges worldwide, while the brand’s best-selling Botanic Pillow Mist is a key feature of Cathay Pacific’s new turndown service.

All these elements come together to relax the mind, body and spirit and give customers a complete, personalised journey as lavish as any experience they would enjoy on the ground.

A sublime sensory experience

Passengers travelling long haul in our Business Class cabins can now settle in for the evening with an even more satisfying sleeping proposition expressed through a completely new range of bedding developed by Bamford.

Particular highlights include a soft mattress topper along with a larger, plusher sleeping pillow and premium-quality slippers – all new additions that have been highly requested by our passengers.

This elevated long-haul Business Class experience is further supplemented by a new, premium 400-thread-count pillowcase and a two-piece duvet, both made using 100 percent sustainably sourced cotton. Passengers travelling in Business on regional flights, meanwhile, will receive a new day blanket and a plush pillow.

Bamford has also put together all new branded Business Class amenity kits that will roll out progressively from 1 December. The unisex kits will be available in four colours that will rotate throughout the year.

Together with our refreshed long-haul Business Class dining concept that completed its rollout earlier this year, passengers can look forward to a complete sensory experience whenever they fly with us.

Cathay Pacific also recently unveiled a huge inflight entertainment expansion, introduced all-new long-haul Economy Class menus curated by renowned Hong Kong restaurant group Black Sheep Restaurants, and relaunched its popular Betsy Beer, which is now available to passengers in all cabins.

All these enrichments to the customer experience reflect the airline’s ceaseless dedication to fulfilling its Move Beyond brand promise and cementing its position as the world’s greatest service brand.